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Throughout this website, you will be able to read more about my education, work experience personal projects, photography and much more.

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My Certifications

To develop my skills and knowledge, I have sat assessments for a number of accredited certifications, primarily those offered by Microsoft.

I am planning on continuing to do similar certifications in future, from a wider variety of organisations.

My Side Projects

In my spare time, I liked to work on a variety of tech-related projects to develop my skills. This ranges from web design to IT Support and from web hosting to education-specific software development. In doing so, not only am I able to develop my own skills, but I am able to provide affordable, reliable and professional services for other individuals and small/medium businesses which is something I am very proud of. 

In the latter portion of 2022, I rebranded all of these projects and formed the ‘My Tech Group‘ of services to show a more cohesive brand and also make it clear that they are all related entities rather than a random selection of names.

You can click on each logo below to learn more about the project, the services it offers and any examples of work that have been completed.



Devon - October 2020

During the October half term holidays, I took a trip to Paington, Devon with my family.

Devon is one of my favourite places for photography due to the idyllic landscapes and coastline.

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To view more of my photography, you can use the button below to access the ‘Galleries Archive’ – feel free to browse for as long as you like!